Silicone IBC heating pad for IBC’s & liner bags

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13 April 2023
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Heating mat for standard caged IBC’s & Bag-in-Box liners of foldable IBCs.
The IBC-S150 silicone heating mat can be easily installed between the tank and the pallet of the IBC container. In addition to heating the standard caged IBC containers, the silicone bottom heater can also be used to heat bag-in-box inliner bags in foldable IBC tanks.

Melt or heat products like coconut oil, fats, butter, chocolate etc

The heating mat provides uniform and direct heating to products ranging from glucose to wax, honey and shampoo and is supplied with a digital temperature controller for a simple and accurate temperature control.

The silicone heating pad is installed between the IBC tank and pallet (or under the inliner bag and foldable IBC / Bag-in-box system) to heat the IBC / liner evenly from below.

The controller can be unplugged from the heating mat easilty. This allows you to have multiple heating mats installed in your IBC containers and only use a few controllers when needed, or equip your customers with a controller so they can (re-)heat your product again when it arrives at their company.

230V – 50 Hz – 2700 Watt
Size: 800 x 900mm
Including digital temperature controller 0-150˚C
Industrial quality – Made in Europe

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