ATEX Certified Tripod agitator for IBC containers

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13 April 2023
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ATEX certified IBC Tripod agitator with pneumatic lift and ATEX Zone 1 agitator
The tripod and agitator are only suitable for 1000L IBC containers and has a built in automatic agitator safety switch which switches the agitator and the main air controller off when lifted.

Suitable for mixing low-high viscosities
up to 10.000 mPas

Safety is paramount when working with flammable products or in EX zones.
This PAFX series of agitators guarantees this safety where high torque (Nm) is combined with very low air consumption and quiet motors of approx. 75 Db.

Folding cup propeller suitable
for 140mm IBC container opening
dia. 500mm (opened)

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