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About Frank Berg industrial supplies

Frank Berg industrial supplies is your supplier for Process equipment; electric IBC agitators, IBC tilters, IBC scales, pneumatic mixers, drum agitators, reverse osmosis filter systems, CIP systemes, high pressure tank cleaners, cleaning equipment, stainless steel tanks, dosing tanks, spill trays, new- and used IBC containers.

Industrial pumps and Pumping equipment
IBC container pumps, Tote pumps, hygienic pumps, ATEX certified pumps, fuel transfer pumps, drum pumps, AdBlue pumps, KIWA and ADR approved pumps.

Process heating
IBC container heating, heating jackets, drum heaters, funnel heater, hose heating, immersion heaters

Industrial couplings, VALVES and Fittings
IBC adapters, ball valves, drum adapters, camlock couplings, dairy couplings DIN11851, Tri-Clamp couplings, Storz couplings, AKZO couplings, Dry Break couplings, GK couplings, Bajolock couplings, TW couplings and stainless steel flanges

Technical hoses & REELS
Sanitary hoses for food processing, Food hoses, Chemical hoses, flexible PVC hoses, Fuel hoses, PTFE hoses, stainless steel hoses, Automatic hose reels, spray nozzles, high pressure IBC Cleaning systems

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