Pure Water Group supplies CEDI systems nuclear power plant Bangladesh

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Pure Water Group from The Netherlands has been awarded the contract to supply three Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) systems to its long-term and valued business partner, Hydra Filter Ltd. in Russia. Three CEDI systems, each with a capacity of 100 m3/h, are an essential part of the water treatment plant for the Rooppur nuclear power plant, which is being built in Bangladesh in collaboration with Rosatom (Russian State Atomic Energy Corp).

Bangladesh has a rapidly increasing power demand and is aiming to reduce its dependence on natural gas. About 10% of the population remains without electricity either from grid or local solar installations, and those relying on the grid experience frequent power cuts. Part of government expenditure is being allocated to ‘power and energy’. This resulted among others in the construction of the country`s first nuclear power plant. The first nuclear power reactor, Rooppur 1, is expected to be operational in 2023 and the second, Rooppur 2, will follow in 2024.

Nuclear power plants require high quality, safe and reliable solutions to meet their water treatment needs, to extend operational and equipment lifetime and prevent corrosion, unnecessary maintenance and unplanned downtime. Pure Water Group offers a wide range of advanced and sustainable water purification equipment and technical solutions to ensure the production of reliable and consistent water quality at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

The Continuous Electrodeionization technology distinguishes itself as an advanced and durable technology for the production of High Purity and Ultra Pure Water, without the need for chemical regeneration. During the process, the Ion Exchange resin is continuously regenerated under the influence of DC current. Compared to the more traditional ion exchange systems this reduces facility costs such as waste neutralization equipment, operational and maintenance cost. The environmentally friendly CEDI technology eliminates handling and storage of hazardous chemicals which benefits health, safety and the environment.

Hydra Filter Ltd.’s preference for Pure Water Group in this prestigious project was mainly based on Pure Water Group`s excellent reputation in Russia and its extensive and unparalleled experience with high capacity CEDI projects around the world. Pure Water Group: Engineering Purity

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