The power of gear pumps in the pharmaceutical industry

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gear pumps in the pharmaceutical industry
gear pumps in the pharmaceutical industry | Photo: Suurmond

How they contribute to safety, precision and efficiency

Not surprisingly, the pharmaceutical industry places high demands on its production. The end product must always be safe and effective and waste of costly APIs must be avoided as much as possible. Pumps play an important role in the production of medicines, for example in the accurate dosing of additives. Gear pumps are a logical choice because of their precision, reliability, and safety.

Improved quality of end product

One of the advantages of gear pumps is their precision, which is critical to the quality of the final product. The amount of liquid that is pumped can be precisely controlled and adapted to the specific requirements of a production process. This ensures that no precious ingredients are wasted. In addition, gear pumps are characterized by a continuous, pulsation-free dosage and “low shear stress”, which also contributes to the quality of the product.

Reliable and safe

Gear pumps are highly reliable and durable because they are specifically configured for the application and are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear. They are suitable for use in demanding environments, such as clean rooms. In addition, magnet-coupled gear pumps are hermetically sealed, preventing leakage of chemical additives.

GMP guidelines

To comply with GMP guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry, gear pumps are available that are SIP or CIP cleanable. They are designed to meet the highest hygiene and quality requirements and can be thoroughly cleaned without disassembly.

Our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Magnet-coupled pumps from GATHER Industrie GmbH (CIP/ SIP)
  • Micro gear pumps from HNPM GmbH for various life-science applications
  • DX gear pump from MAAG PUMP SYSTEMS AG
  • Micro filters from HNPM GmbH
  • Quick disconnect couplings, also in Hastelloy
  • GMP suurDOS dosing systems
  • GMP Glass reactor systems & components & filters


Inspection documentation is made available for the wetted parts:

  • Pump / filter / flow meter
  • Tubing / connections / adapters / seals
  • Hoses

For the metal parts, material certificates type 3.1 and the declaration of conformity 2.1 (DIN EN 10204:2005) are supplied. ATEX certification may also be possible.

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