Gear pumps for reliable processes

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29 July 2022
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At a time when shortages in raw materials and materials predominate, delivery times are increasing and the call for sustainable solutions is becoming increasingly emphatic, the choice for a reliable process is more important than ever.

Pumps are an essential part of a process in the process industry, the dynamic part of the installation. That one then opts for a high-quality pump seems a foregone conclusion. That seems so, but is not always the case. In some cases, one opts for a cheaper solution, which may seem suitable for the present application, but the question is with what stand time. That can be a conscious choice. However, in the current market this can be very disadvantageous because new pumps are not immediately available due to long delivery times. The risk is the stagnation of a production line.

Gear pumps are specifically configured for the application and are therefore reliable. Especially in these times with increasing delivery times, an investment in quality products benefits your operational reliability!

Gear pumps are modular in construction and can therefore be adapted to the specific properties of the liquid to be pumped. Ideal for the chemical industry because the right materials for the pump housing and the internal parts can be selected for each application.

Due to this modular construction, the pump materials are not only optimally adapted to the chemical properties of the pumped or dosed product, but also to the typical process data such as viscosity and operating temperature.

In this way, the pumps are assembled for the intended purpose, resulting in a maintenance-friendly and reliable solution resulting in a reliable and accurate process!

Suurmond has specialized in gear pumps since 1974 and represents:

– MAAG Pump & Filtration Systems AG
– GATHER Industrie GmbH
– HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH

We offer gear pumps for volume flows from 1 μl/hour to max. 2’400 l/min. For dosing and transferring, with pressure build-up, of liquids. Pumping from a possible vacuum is also possible.

Want to know more about gear pumps and their role in reliable processes? We look forward to meeting you in our stand! PumpPlaza stand 8D050! Let’s talk!

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