Accurate and pulsation-free dosing? Yes, with gear pumps!

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Accurate and pulsation-free dosing
Accurate and pulsation-free dosing | Photo: Suurmond

For volume flows from 1 ml/h to 2,400 l/min

Precise dosing means measuring the flow of liquid and adding or injecting it into a main pipe or pressure pipe in a controlled manner. The pump is controlled, in a so-called “closed-loop control”, via a flow meter. The accurate dosing of liquids is becoming increasingly important in modern chemical processes. Chemical companies are achieving increasing success with the production of specialty chemicals and specialty polymers. To produce these products, dosing additives is often essential. Additives add special properties and/or are necessary for an efficient reaction.

Accurate and pulsation-free dosing

Gear pumps, which are characterized by high volumetric efficiency (due to their small clearances), are very suitable for dosing applications. Even for low viscous products such as solvents, alcohol or liquefied gas, gear pumps can be used for accurate and pulsation-free dosing.

Gear pumps

Gear pumps are modular in construction and can therefore be adapted to the specific properties of the liquid to be pumped. Ideal for the chemical industry because the right materials for the pump housing and the internal parts can be selected for each application.
Thanks to this modular construction, the pump materials are not only optimally matched to the chemical properties of the dosed product, but also adapted to the typical process data such as viscosity, operating temperature.

Reliable processes: quality prevents downtime

In this way, the pumps are assembled for the intended purpose, resulting in a maintenance-friendly and reliable dosing solution resulting in a reliable and accurate process!

Micro dosing

Since Suurmond has the HNPM micro gear pumps in its portfolio, in addition to the usual volume flows, it is also possible to realize micro dosing. We are talking about volume flows from 1 microliter per hour!

Our portfolio

Suurmond has specialized in gear pumps since 1974 and represents the leading manufacturers MAAG Pump & Filtration Systems AG, GATHER Industrie GmbH and HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH.
In our portfolio, we offer solutions for volume flows from 1 μl/h to max. 2’400 l/min.

Want to know more about gear pumps and their role in reliable processes? Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice! Let’s talk!

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