Immersion heater for IBC containers

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Model: IBC-IMH-2400
This immersion heater for IBC Containers is the solution for quickly and directly heating sensitive products such as honey, sugars, (glucose), fats, and chemicals without burning them. The submersible heating element is simply placed in the tank via the lid and positioned towards the valve of the tank.

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In comparison with IBC heating jackets that are placed on the outside of the tank, the IBC-IMH-2400 products in the IBC can heat up to 4 times faster to the desired temperature. Viscous products will quickly become liquid again.
Even at a low level in the IBC container, the IMH-2400 heats quickly and
efficiently, without burning

Available with 0-90°C

Food grade & Easy to Clean
The immersion heater can be safely used with food and is FDA certified.
Because the immersion element is provided with a Xylan coating, it can easily be cleaned after use.

Can be used for products with a pH value of 4 – 8

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