Van Beek launches the link between hygiene and screw conveyors: Hypreme

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
Article image of: Van Beek launches the link between hygiene and screw conveyors: Hypreme

Hygiene and screw conveyors merge together in the name Hypreme. It is a new concept for Van Beek, where controlling hygiene is the point of departure. Hypreme is especially developed for food, pharmaceutical and chemistry products. The entire design is developed to prevent micro-bacterial growth and to enable deep cleaning and inspection. Hypreme offers control to the production processes where everything is about hygiene.

The Hypreme concept tunes every screw conveyor system to the production process. hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry are different from the ones in the meat processing industry. Therefore Van Beek does not offer of the shelf solutions, but draws up a technical concept with the client, respecting the applicable hygiene requirements. By making the right choices for materials, the finishing level, bearings, sealings, drivings and inspection and cleaning provisions, Hypreme makes every required combination in screw conveyors possible.
Hypreme correctly links the knowledge of the specially trained engineers, production workers, suppliers of components and materials, institutes (TNO and EHEDG) to the needs regarding the production process of the client. Together these elements are the recipe for a unique hygienic screw conveyor system.

Van Beek has very strong technical know how with respect to screw conveyors. Hypreme links this to a hygienic design for systems which require the highest hygienic standards.

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