Ultrasonic handheld cylinder level indicator

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2 February 2021

Save money, risk and time with the Portalevel® MAX gas level control:

Portalevel® MAX is the fastest and most powerful level indicator produced by Coltraco Ultrasonics. With UL indication and full ABS type approval, the gauge is ideal for testing large cylinders on board ships and offshore installations.
Gas level check and level indicator

The Portalevel® MAX is an ultrasonic liquid level indicator equipment specially designed for determining the liquid level in large cylinders and containers with a large mass where UL approval is also required.

Quick and easy testing: the test procedure is short and simple, making inspection of cylinder capacity incredibly quick. Each cylinder can be inspected in less than 30 seconds, with the `cal` function automatically setting the unit for each cylinder at the touch of a button. This significantly reduces operator errors, makes the testing process very simple and requires minimal user training.

– Accurate to +/- 1.5 mm
– A variety of approvals including UL and ABS approval and RINA accepted
– Complies fully with NFPA standards for use.
– Housing robust aluminium for heavy duty use
– IMPA P/N: 652776

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