The wind blows on the coast, the vacuum comes from Maulburg

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Maulburg. Last year, Busch supplied a large number of vacuum systems for production of wind turbines worldwide. The call for environmentally-friendly energy production is becoming louder, and this in turn means that there are more and more wind energy farms everywhere. Above all, so-called offshore wind farms, with increasingly large turbine installations, are currently being built off sea coasts.

Manufacture of rotor blades requires vacuum pumps produced by Busch, based in Maulburg, Germany.
The rotor blades for wind turbines are made of plastic. This plastic flows into the mould in liquid form under vacuum and then cures. The rotor blades, measuring up to 60 meters in length, require correspondingly dimensioned vacuum plants. Busch produces these plants individually and according to customer requirements. In recent years, a number of firms have been established on the North Sea and Baltic coast that specializes in production of such offshore wind turbines. They all trust in the reliability of vacuum technology from Maulburg. The reason why all these companies have been established directly on the coast is obvious: due to their size, the up to 60m long rotor blades cannot be transported by road. They must be loaded from the production hall directly onto ships that bring them to the offshore wind farms. The plants are assembled directly on-site.

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