The story behind the VLT

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The Danfoss VLT frequency converter is a well-known term in the drives industry. But what exactly does the VLT name mean?

One of the first suggestions was to call the electronic motor control device Danfoss had developed in the mid-60’ies a “VeLoTrol” which comes from VeLocityconTrol. However the name turned out to be too long, so it was decided to use VLT.

Since 1968, when Danfoss introduced the world’s first mass-produced frequency converter, all our products have carried the name VLT.

By the end of 1968, the first official VLT 5 was introduced and the first customer was Danish brewer, Carlsberg.

A good example is a unit installed in 1979/80 at the lime works “dankalk” in Aggersund, Denmark, which was in operation right up until August 31, 2012, and was used to regulate the raw material feed of a calcium carbonate drum dryer. Another VLT 5 was replaced in 2009/10 and both conveyor feeds are now equipped with the VLT 2800 series frequency converters that will hopefully have a similar long life as the VLT 5 units.

Who has the oldest VLT?
Do you still have one of our old types of VLT`s? Please send us your picture and story with it and we will send you a nice present.

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