The new EPDM 17 diaphragm

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Gemü has developed a new EPDM diaphragm, especially for pharmaceutical applications where high temperatures and steam are in use.

The renewed composition is FDA compliant, certified according USP class VI, free from animal constituents and ROHS-compliant. Tests in the Gemü laboratory and the many field experiments indicate a 3 x longer life time compared to the previous diaphragm (code 13).

The new EPDM diaphragm is indicated with code 17 and is now standard in all diaphragm valves of the Gemü sanitary valve program.

The EPDM 17 diaphragm is a good and economically interesting alternative for applications at high temperature, where PTFE used to be the only choice. The EPDM diaphragm withstands working pressures up to 10 bar. The improved geometry guarantees a long lasting and optimal sealing.

* Temperature ranges:
• -20°C – + 90°C continuous with fluid media
• + 140°C continuous with steam
• + 150°C at SIP

* Special Gemü composition, in house manufacturing

* FDA compliant and UPS Class VI certified
* ROHS compliant
* Free from animal constituents
* Improved sealing through optimalised geometry

EPDM 17 is available for all diaphragm valves from the Gemü programme upto DN100.

Beware of imitations!
Optimal performance of Gemü valves is obtained only when original parts are used.

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