The Hilge Contra series has been expanded, read about the benefits

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11 March 2021

The Hilge Contra series of multistage centrifugal pumps are now available with motors up to 45 kW and a maximum capacity of 100 m³ / h at a head of 200 meters. In other words, proven reliability with more than double the pump capacity.

Extremely reliable and versatile
The Hilge Contra pumps offer extremely reliable operation under harsh operating conditions. The hygienic design, the use of pore-free materials and extensive configuration options make the pumps suitable for a wide range of applications.

Read about the unique advantages of the pump design or watch the product video.

7 unique advantages of the Hilge Contra pump series
-Process safety, reliability and optimal cleanability due to the use of deep-drawn and / or forged stainless steel materials, which guarantee a pore- and cast-blow-free surface
-NPSH: suitable for sensitive media thanks to very low NPSH values, minimizing cavitation and wear
-Adaptable to demanding process tasks because of variable connections, shaft seals and fixings
-Spare parts: Limited amount of wearing parts required for a wide performance range
-Smooth and silent operation thanks to a balanced construction of the pump hydraulics and high efficiency
-Self-draining: the vertical versions of the Contra pumps are completely self-draining through the suction port
-Motor replacement: easy in-line motor replacement

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