Tetra Pak launches the Tetra Centri AirTight Eco

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Suitable for all dairy customers with high capacity production, the Tetra Centri AirTight Eco separator reduces energy consumption of an overall separation system by up to 35% compared to conventional paring disc separators and doubles production time between major services compared to belt driven separators.

Said Lars Jacobsson, Managing Director, Tetra Pak Processing Components: “This new generation separator is a further development in our proven Tetra Centri AirTight range of separators. Using a number of breakthrough innovations to deliver higher operational efficiency and lower environmental impact than ever before, the Tetra Centri AirTight Eco separator will enable our customers to cut costs and meet the growing environmental demands on their operations.”

The new Tetra Centri AirTight Eco separator introduces three innovations: the eDrive system, the eMotion system and the eCon control system.

Unique to the TetraCentri AirTight range of separators are the hermetic seals at the inlet and outlet, which prevent the intake and exposure of the product to destructive air. In the Tetra Centri AirTight Eco separator, the product is fed smoothly into the separator bowl from the bottom through the new eDrive, which ensures that the size of fat globules and particles is
maintained. This is why the separability of fat and impurities and concentration of cream in the Tetra Centri AirTight Eco separator is more efficient than in any alternative design on the market.

Backed by Tetra Pak performance guarantees, the Tetra Centri AirTight Eco separator provides dairy customers with a guaranteed production outcome that is pre-defined according to contractual agreements on parameters, such as energy consumption and running times.

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