Temperature Control for Heating Circuits

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Intelligent adaptation to ambient temperature for energy savings

The ELTC-14P/-24P is eltherm‘s „intelligent“ electronic temperature controller range which proportionally adapts to the ambient temperature and reacts proportionally to it, rather than just switching on/off: The higher the ambient temperature, the less energy is supplied to the heating circuit. This can achieve energy savings of up to 75%, especially in large, complex plants and with varying degrees of winter cold. It also enhances greater temperature stability in the pipes.

Technical Advantages:
•Intelligent, proportional adaptation to ambient temperatures
•Efficiency and energy saving (up to 75%)

Beware of Summer Heat. No Snow in Sight. Yet.

But winter cold is sure to come. Talk to us now to prepare for freeze prevention and temperature maintenance in your production lines. Your benefit: intelligent temperature control cuts energy costs by up to 75%.

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A controllable temperature is often crucial for the continuity of your production process. Huikeshoven specialises in electric heating and heaters (Flow-, Flange-, Space-, Tubular-, Screw-in-, Catridge-Heaters). Works with renowned partners... Read more

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