TECSIS digital manometer

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The new DC400 digital manometer from TECSIS is the ideal solution for a clear (local) reading.
This is independant of power by the integrated battery.
Accuracy, reliability and high mechanical loads are the points where the DC400 distinguish from other digital gauges.

There are two versions of the DC400 available (P3961 and P3962) depending on the application.
Pressures from 2 bar to 700 bar can be measured .
The housing and wetted parts are stainless steel so they withstand chemically aggressive media.

The DC400 can display values in different units (bar, psi and MPa).

There are additional features available such as the min / maximum memory, tara, etc. In a special feature, the digital “drag indicator” is available in the display that shows the trend in the pressure.
The use and settings are simple and operated by push buttons on the front of the display ..

• Industrial Process, Machine and equipment building.
• Hydraulics and Pneumatics
• Service and control
• Verification of existing measurement equipment

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