Single and multi use pumps based on magnetic levitation

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Our business partner Levitronix has developed new single use and multi use pumps for biopharmaceutical applications. Based on the principles of magnetic levitation, the pump’s impeller is
– floating,
– contact free and
– is driven by the magnetic field of the motor.

Big advantages of these pumps are:
– no particle generation
– low shear forces on proteins and cells.

Moreover all parameters like pressure, flow, temperature etc can be fully controlled and monitored with the corresponding console. Read more about the advantages of these pumps with polypropylene or PVDF pumpheads.

Pumphead assemblies
We offer a standardized range of irradiated single use pumphead assemblies that can be easily installed as a plug and play system in your application. The assemblies can be equipped with pressure and flow sensors.

These sensors can be connected to the console. This ensures the complete monitoring and regulation of the parameters.

In accordance with the GMP requirements, the data is fed back to your PC. Time is an essential factor, These pumpheads are very user friendly and are both quick and safe to replace. As no special tools are required, replacing a pump only takes a few seconds, which gives you a big time advantage.

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