Resin Bonded Acrylic Phenolic or Cellulose Melamine

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The Masterfilter ResinBonded filters are manufactured from fibres bonded together by a resin, thereby creating ‘rigid graded density’ depth filters. ResinBonded filters are available either as the AP (Acrylic fibre bonded with Phenolic resin) or as the CM (Cellulose fibre bonded with Melamine resin). Bonding the fibres with the resin, creates a rigid pore structure that allows the filter to be used in demanding process conditions, such as high temperatures, high viscosities and with aggressive chemicals.

ResinBonded is ideal for retention of micro-gels, colloids, agglomerates and other polymorphous particulates
and unlike the deformable ‘melt-blown’ and ‘string-wound’ filters, it prevents unloading of the contaminant
under pressure. The unique manufacturing process coats the fibres with the resin and so forming a high density
torturous matrix with high void volume. These features enable the ResinBonded filters suitability across a wide
range of applications.

• Paints
• Inks
• Adhesives
• Epoxy resins
• Organic solvents
• Varnishes
• Lacquers
• Waxes
• Chemicals
• Dielectric oils

* Resin Bonded filters are not designed to be used in Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical applications | Please refer to office for advice

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