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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Implantation of pigging system for the connection of 4 lines in 6 ` for unloading of boats to pump pitches and to 9 tanks. Including a system for additional cleaning between pigs. One includes provision of tube and elbows, assembly of Pigging equipment and assembly of the Piggable elements to: dedicated pipe, connections to tanks, installation of filters, pumps… .

Value of Contribution: the lines corresponds to the number of simultaneous processes, NOT to the incompatibilities between products. Therefore, ONLY the installed lines are necessary thanks to IST Pigging.

Everything in installation was subjected to ATEX Zone, Pigs propelled by Nitrogen. Pipe and elbows in 6” Stainless Steel 316L, DIN 2430 Piping and ANSI Flanged. Total installed 2.200 meter + 146 elbows. Design to concept Tee-Ring Valves T09, assuring simultaneous distribution to several tanks. Functioning in a full automated on PC screens. Operation: Pigging and Pumping normally in 1 direction into the tanks. Only when it is considered necessary, process for optional cleaning is made with cleaning agent between 2 Pigs.

Insipid Caustic, Acid Phosphoric 85%, Industrial Phosphoric Acid 52%, Nitric acid 63%, Sulfuric acid 98%, Sódico Bisulphate, Hidróxido Sódico 50%, Potassium Hidróxido 50%, Acetone, Ethanol, Metanol, Aniline, Metilado Sódico, Methylene Chloride, Monoetilenglicol, Rhodimet AT88, Lignosulfonato de Sodio, Nitrogen Solution.

Pigs PA6 ETP. -40 a +80º Nylon Ertalon Polyamid.

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