Newson Gale wins HazardEx 2012 Product Innovation Award

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Our partner Newson Gale was awarded the ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’ accolade for the new Earth-Rite® MGV system at the HazardEx 2012 conference in Harrogate, UK.

“This award is another great achievement for Newson Gale and our development team as we continue to develop innovative static control products to enhance hazardous area safety within the petrochemical and processing industries. The Earth-Rite® MGV was developed after lengthy research and field trials and now provides a user-friendly and cost-effective way to control uncontrolled static discharges during vacuum tanker operations in potentially flammable or combustible atmospheres.” Graham Tyers, Managing Director.

Contact us for online animation of the award winning Earth-Rite® MGV road tanker & vacuum tanker static grounding verification system or to help understand the dangers of static electricity in hazardous areas.

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