New Series 3000

icon.highlightedarticle.dark Tech & Production 10 March 2021

We have launched our New Series 3000 Transmitters.
An Intelligent line of Pressure and Level transmitters with a flush mounted capacitive ceramic sensor.
Although we prefer to supply our strong metallic flush diaphragm which can handle most applications, some customers prefer to use a ceramic sensor. Therefore we have now completed our line of transmitters with this new series.

•Stainless steel electronics housing
•Accuracy 0.2% (option 0.1%)
•Easy adjustable with 3 push buttons and display
•No test pressure needed for calibration
•Active temperature compensation
•Option: HART protocol

As for all our Series a wide range of process connections can be supplied.

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Klay Instruments bv

Klay Instruments is an ISO 9001 certified company who develops and manufactures a wide range of electronic Pressure and Level transmitters, “Intelligent” transmitters with HART® protocol or Profibus PA and... Read more

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