NEW: Repico® Grip Plast coupling

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Your solution for a restraint connection of HDPE pipes. This high-quality coupling provides a tensile / axial restraint connection especially for plastic pipes. The flat rows of grips engage into the pipe surface without damaging the plastic material. This new Repico® Grip Plast coupling allows pipe section replacement and is suitable for high pressure.

•Available in DN32-200 (DN250-400 in development)
•Easy installation by use of a torque wrench
•Limited space required for installation due to compact design
•Pressure range up to 16 bar
•Progressive sealing and anchoring
•Main components of stainless steel 316
•Green PTFE coated bolts
•Light weight, appr. 30% in comparison with flanged connections
•60% noise reduction compared to rigid connections

Repico® pipe and repair couplings
Are you looking for a fast and reliable connection between pipes? Or do you have a leakage? With the Repico® stainless steel coupling you can quickly and easily create a tensile or flexible connection between two pipes. In case of a leak, apply the Repico® Repair coupling, by just tightening a few hexagon socket bolts. The Repico® guarantees a proper sealing around the pipe in just a few minutes! Depending on the application, we can supply the Repico® with different rubber materials: EPDM, NBR, Silicone and FKM. The Repico® products can be used in the markets: industry, shipbuilding, gas, sewage, water and fire protection.

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