New Radar technology conquers chemical sector

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1 April 2021

Reliable level and volume measurements are indispensable in the water sector. Consider, for example, the application to (chemical) dosing installations where plastic drums, IBCs and Variboxes are often used. Because more and more mobile tanks and containers such as plastic barrels, IBCs and Variboxes are used in dosing applications, the demand for a reliable- and cloud connected measuring solution is also increasing.

It is important that the measuring solution can accurately monitor the volume from outside the closed vessel, without any contact with the chemicals. Radar offers the ideal solution for this; radar signals “look” through (double-walled) plastic tanks and provide an accurate and reliable picture of the stock and daily consumption. Until recently, installing a mm-accurate radar level sensor was expensive and complex, requiring cables to be pulled and systems installed by specialists. Staal Instruments removes these barriers to radar applications and provides a radar sensor solution that can be installed by anyone.

With the advent of energy-efficient Radar-on-Chip (RoC) technology, radar level sensors can function for years on a battery. This makes it a real “no-brainer” for chemical distributors and dosing solution suppliers to equip every vessel, IBCs, tank or Varibox at the customer with a volume sensor. Naturally, the measurements are forwarded via existing telecom and IoT networks, so that the data is accessible to all authorized persons 24/7.

Parties that apply these new radar sensors indicate that they can not only optimize logistics with this technology, but can also unburden their customers more and more. The dosing installation can be monitored remotely and checked if it is still functioning correctly. Besides, the next delivery can already be scheduled, and the customer can of course also monitor his inventory for free. A smart radar level measurement therefore not only leads to an increase in efficiency, but also to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. This makes radar technology a real part of the business model of chemical suppliers.

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