New Manhole Covers from Zorzini are the perfect solution!

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It is a tough choice: do you go for a cover with a high neck or still a loose cover? Both have their downsides. For instance, manhole covers with a high neck retain a lot of product residues. The disadvantage of a loose cover is that it has a less solid construction. Fortunately, Zorzini has created the solution for anyone experiencing this problem!

A few weeks ago, Willem and Nienke flew to Milan to visit the Simei wine fair. Several new products were presented here, including Zorzini’s new manhole covers. These rectangular covers contain a flat neck (frame) instead of a high neck. This makes choosing the right cover significantly easier!

Only benefits
Whereas high neck covers range from 40 to 100 millimetres frame height, the latest Zorzini manhole cover has only 10 or 12 millimetres height. The cover protrudes minimally and the production process is a lot more hygienic unlike the high neck covers. This is because the surface area is smaller. As a result, less product residues remains inside the frame. In addition, the new manhole covers have a more solid construction and are easier to assemble compared to loose covers.

The new rectangular manhole covers with flat neck are now available in our shop. Feel free to contact our sales department for more information!

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