New Hazardous Area Classification Software for ATEX and DSEAR Compliance

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Since this spring Hazcalc is available for anyone dealing with Atex hazardous Area Classifications. Hazcalc is an online software tool that allows step-by-step hazardous area classification for flammable liquids and gases. The model has been developed by Pol-Safety Safety Advisors and released under the name Hazcalc B.V.

The tool was developed from practical experience where usability, simplicity and speed were important goals.

The tool is fully compliant with the current version of the European standard for Atex Hazardous Area Classification, EN-IEC 60079-10-1.
We believe that this model is one of the most practical models that leads to realistic Atex zones. This is in contrast to many other guidelines and standards (e.g. API and NFPA) that are based on examples. These kind of global models often lead to overclassification which requires large investments in explosion proof equipment such as electrical and mechanical components and installations.

At the moment, Pol-Safety almost exclusively uses the European Standard and therefore Hazcalc for our customers.

Hazcalc is equipped with an integrated chamical substance database, various models for calculating the leake rate, a module for calculating the ventilation conditions, a module to determine the Atex zones and an extensive help function. Hazcalc also has various reporting and export functions that make the assessments easily available for processing in other documents.

Hazcalc can be viewed for free by creating a demo account via More information can be found at

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