New, compact sliding gate valve with diaphragm actuator

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3 May 2021

“It could be even more compact”, said the Schubert & Salzer developers. The result: A sliding gate valve (GS) with impressively reduced dimensions and weight – type 8028. Due to the new 80-mm diaphragm actuator, the type 8028 GS1, for example in DN100, with an installation length of just 487 mm, is another 50 mm shorter than the already compact GS valve with piston actuator. In terms of control accuracy, the GS type 8028 is in no way inferior to its big brother, the type 8021, and impresses with a rangeability of 80:1. For the high control accuracy of the GS valves, their very good response behaviour is particularly decisive. Very short reaction times at the highest resolution are achieved due to small actuator travels, low moving loads and low actuation forces. With the new type 8028 valve, modern plant installations designed with increasingly smaller dimensions also enjoy the benefits of sliding gate technology.

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