Mark 94 High Flow Sanitary Steam Trap

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The Mark 94 from Steriflow Valve is a thermostatic steam trap designed specifically for use in high capacity clean steam systems where sanitary conditions must be maintained.
The design features a 20 Ra (~0.5 µm) internal and external finish, and 100% drain, to minimize the possiblity of medium entrapment and bacterial growth.

The Mark 94 is applied for:
– Condensate drainage from large tube clean steam distribution loops
– Condensate drainage from large scale process systems: fermenters, bioreactors, holding vessels, etc.
– Sterilizatiion equipment and autoclaves.

The Mark 94 has been designed to provide high condensate flow rates during SIP heat up, allowing vessels and other process equipment to reach validation temperature in minimum time.

The proprietary fill, bellows and orifice design minimize the subcooling required to open the trap during SIP temperature hold or maintenance, insuring fast drainage under lower load condtions to help insure against low temperature faults.

The Mark 94 is suitable for working pressures up to 3.5 bar. The recommended differential pressure ranges from 0.34 to 3.5 bar.
The maximum allowable pressure is 10 bar. The maximum allowable temperature is 177 C.

The Mark 94 is available in sizes DN20, DN25 and DN40.
The flow depends on the subcooling and the differential pressure: max. 5940 kg/h for DN20 and max. 6530 kg/h for DN25 and DN40.

More specifications:
– Connections: Standard: tri-clamps, Optional: weld ends ASME BPE/DIN/ISO
– Material body and internals: Stainless steel 316L
– Gaskets: Viton, Teflon (FDA, USP Class VI approved)

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