Magnet without welded seams will exclude formation of bacteria

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

On the next Powtech in Nuremberg Goudsmit Magnetic Systems from Waalre (Hall 9, Stand 322) will present a new set of clean-flow magnets. Both the standard and the rotating clean-flow magnets will not include welded seams in the new design, which allows for a very smooth finish and excludes the formation of bacteria. The Ra values between 0.05 and 0.3 will ensure that even the finest iron dust will be removed from powders. The construction of the door was also changed. This door now includes a quick release between the extractor and magnets, as a result of which the former will always be pulled outwards as well. This will prevent the extractor from remaining in the product flow during magnetic cleaning and iron getting back into the product. Because of a new seal, working with a high overpressure will be possible, without any leakage occurrence. This is particularly important when filling pressure-sensitive big bags.

Clean-flow magnets come in standard, automatic cleaning and rotating versions. They remove iron particles from powders and depending on the version, they will be suitable for places that are hard to access and for poorly flowing, greasy powders such as, for example, milk powder. Such magnets can be supplied with a metal detector, so the product will be checked right before loading or packaging and there won`t be left behind any metal particles. As the pharma and food industries set ever-increasing demands, in the future Goudsmit will manufacture all clean-flow magnets according to the new design.

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