ISA European Office closes agreement with Actemium

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The assortment of the ISA Europe office is greatly extended through this cooperation. This is accomplished by adding training courses that were only available, until now, at ISA in the U.S.—training such as HMI, SIL, DCs, OPC, Ethernet, etc. ISA Europe can achieve this by using the knowledge and expertise of Actemium. Actemium also owns the Edulab, a practice room that is a center of competence in the field of industrial automation and home to three high-tech facilities equipped with the latest technical developments. Edulab provides a space for participants to develop their skills and get the most out of knowledge directly into practice.

“In addition to Actemium’s wonderful training capabilities, their proven support for education and workforce development in building the next generation of automation professionals is clearly demonstrated in their state- of-the-art Edulab. This investment facilitates the necessary partnership between industry and academia that can advance the profession beyond current levels. We are excited about the prospects of this new partnership with the ISA European office and the value that can be derived by all of our members throughout Europe,” said Patrick Gouhin, ISA executive director.

“For Actemium, this new intensive cooperation in the field of education means new opportunities. Actemium has a lot of knowledge and experience in the industrial automation field. Having ISA certified specialists is only the beginning. We shall proceed. As a result, we will be more close to the training needs of our customers,” said Carin Vreenegoor, manager of Education Services at Actemium.

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