IBC-Connect Multiblock Lid connector for IBC totes

Last modified: 9 May 2023
IBC-Connect Multiblock Lid connector for IBC totes
IBC-Connect Multiblock Lid connector for IBC totes | Photo: Frank Berg

The IBC-Connect Multiblock is a multi functional connection block mounted on an IBC Lid DN150 or DN225. For easy and especially safe emptying, filling, monitoring and connection of filters, level switches, sensors etc on IBC containers and other drums and tanks for chemicals.

– Multifunctional connection options
– Easy connection to ongoing processes
– Turnable and gas-tight
– Cable entries for sensors and level switches
– Supplied with caps and gaskets
– Easy connection for dip tubes other accessories

The connection block is supplied with gaskets and blind caps for the unused inputs.

We offer the following versions of the IBC Multiblock
> IBC-Connect Multiblock for industrial applications
> IBC-Connect Multiblock in Food Grade version for use with foodstuffs. FDA-compliant with EPDM seals. Entirely in white color.
> IBC-Connect Multiblock in electrically conductive PE suitable for use in EX environments.

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