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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The I.S.T. Molchtechnik Rotary Manifold is a fully computerized compact Manifold, which connections can be established between different in a circle situated (Dry-Break) couplings to different pipelines on the upper base plate.
The connection to one of the above 20 connected adapters is established by rotating in the S-Arm with the coupler, placed in the centre, to connect with one of these. Making a wrong connection is hereby excluded.
The control, connection and the opening of one of the 20 adaptors is automatically made in 3 steps;
1. Positioning of the S-Arm to the selected connection.
2. Linking the two coupling halves.
3. Open the Product line. The flow direction is of choice.
At the end of the batch the Dry-Break coupling is closed, simply by the pneumatic cylinder, connected to the coupling of the S-Arm. After this, another connection can be linked by the S-Arm to another position.
This unit has 20 connections to the upper base plate. The central rotating point of the S-Arm is located in the lower base plate. An additional second, U-shaped Arm to the upper base plate is possible too.
Variations in the number of lines are also possible, both in number and in size. These can range from DN25 to DN100. It can also be chosen for an open system that can be Pigged. It is the product that is pushed out of the line before changing into another position by using a Pig. Since only empty lines are untied, Piggable valves in this system not required.

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