Flow-Connect – pump and process control made easy

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30 April 2021

The Flow-Connect is a versatile process controller for flow systems.
The system connects the pump / control valve to a flow meter and another sensor (e.g. pressure or temperature)
The unique thing about the Flow-Connect is that each system can deal with different signals. For example, the controller can control a pump with 0-10 volts or 4-20mA. The flow meter connection accepts 0-10volt, 4-20mA and Pulse (PNP and NPN). This makes additional converters unnecessary, making the control more accurate.

The controller is available in 2 variants, namely a table model and a DIN-rail module. The table model is intended for small systems for R&D and lab applications. The DIN-rail module can be placed in an e-cabinet and controlled via an external touch screen.

The system is easy to connect and works intuitively. The autotune function makes the controller very quick and easy to set. Curious? For more information, see our website.

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