Filter magnet keeps fruit juice iron free

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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In spite of the many precautionary measures, it seems that in practice there are still metals present in fruit and tomato juices. The presence of a metal detector does not solve this problem because it is unable to recognise the smaller metal particles. Goudsmit Magnetic Systems BV of Waalre has therefore recently put a Pharma magnetic filter on the market. The Neoflux® (rare earths) magnets which are used ensure the effective separation of extremely fine iron particles and even iron dust. It has also been made easier to clean. The magnetic bars are encased in a casing or extractor which the operators can easily pull apart. Once the magnetic field has gone then the iron fractions can easily be flushed away. The housing is constructed such that no product remains after cleaning. The magnetic filter can be used in tubes or pipelines in the foodstuff sector (HACCP required) and serves to deferrize products which are transported under pressure such as, for example, fruit juice.

Most magnetic deferrisation systems release ferrous particles that they catch when they come into contact with a sticky mass or a flow of (raw) materials transported under high pressure. However, the Neoflux® filter magnet retains these ferrous particles even under extremely high pressure (10 bar – the system has been successfully tested to 15 bar). This makes this system – that has a magnetic flux density value of 12.000 Gauss – ideal for the deferrisation of a wide range of products including fruit juice.

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