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Article image of: Electro heating in the PROCESSING AND FOOD INDUSTRY

The clients of Huikeshoven are active in very different industries, from petrochemical to food industries and from mechanical engineering to suppliers of renewable energy. Our products and services can be implemented in any production process witch requires an optimal temperature control.

There are strict requirements in the processing and food industry for the temperature maintenance of the production lines. The products of Huikeshoven are implemented in the (petro) chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Automated dosage lines for cosmetics, syrups, oils and fats for example have to maintain a constant temperature, so quantities can be measured with more accuracy and components can be mixed at an optimised temperature. Often the client requires a comprehensive solution for the heating and temperature maintenance of a dosage line, in which all disciplines are aligned. It is important to calculate the heat loss from the tanks and pipelines within the established criteria. The outcomes of these calculations form the basis for the heating system. After engineering, all outcomes and options are discussed with the client. Often Huikeshoven can offer better and simpler solutions than the system that was previously planned. Besides engineering and offering advice, we also take care of the delivery and installation of the complete heating system. Usually in combination with a temperature control system. While executing such projects, Huikeshoven closely cooperates with manufacturers of production lines and various partners.

Process heating for (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries
– Tracing systems, flowheaters, heating jackets
– Comprehensive solution including engineering and control engineering
– Wide range of heating cables and mats
– Temperature control of driving mechanismes

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