Egger pumps: designed for the most challenging fluids

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For the most challenging fluids
Egger pumps perform where other pumps fail. With various pump types, Egger makes it possible to pump challenging media without clogging with minimal wear and constant efficiency. Think of abrasive and corrosive liquids, media with hard solids, chemical and crystalline suspensions and other complex media.

Successful implementations in various applications
With dozens of successful implementations in various challenging applications, Egger has proven itself as an enormously valuable part of our program. Where other pumps have failed to pump media such as industrial wastewater, crude oil and animal residues, Egger pumps continue to perform without problems.

7 Unique advantages and properties of Egger pumps
-Minimal wear: the Turo principle ensures that only 15% of the pumped liquid comes into contact with the impeller, reducing wear
-Non-clogging: Due to the fully retracted impeller, solid objects up to the diameter of the pressure outlet and long fibrous materials do not cause blockages
-Constant efficiency: Due to the symmetrical wear pattern of the Turo impellers, the impellers remain mechanically and hydraulically balanced during their entire service life
-Sensitive parts remain largely unaffected in the medium to be transported
-Large free passage even at low flow rates
-Low life cycle costs (LCC) due to a long service life (MTBF)
-Where other pumps fail, Egger pumps continue to perform without problems

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