Efficiently track flange inspections, shutdowns and repairs

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Brady Corporation has developed a new, highly visible and reliable Flange tag with tearable components to easily track various stages of shutdowns, flange inspections, leak testing and repairs.

Highly visible and efficient
The Flange tag is offered in full colour and high resolution for maximum visibility, and is completely customisable for efficient use in a wide range of applications. The number of tag components is adaptable to the amount of inspection and repair phases needed and tag components can be perforated for easy tearing and tracking of various stages of inspections and repairs. Brady’s Flange tag can include information on both sides and may even contain instructional drawings thanks to the high resolution print. Every Flange tag comes with a precut hole so it can easily be fastened to a flange or serve other applications in the workplace.

Improved legibility with on-site printing
Brady’s new Flange tag can be written on, and also offers improved legibility when finalised on-site with the BradyPrinter i7100. The printer can even recognise custom tags to neatly complete any open fields in the design with specific flange, site or other information on demand. Printing information on the tag results in improved legibility and offers superior resistance to chemicals to increase reliability, both extremely important for workplace safety.

Extremely reliable
The new Flange tag is made with Brady’s reliable, industrial grade label and tag materials and offers excellent resistance against a wide range of chemicals and grease to keep it legible and reinforce its reliability. The Flange tag also does not tear easily to avoid accidental removal of tag components.

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