Efcon Water new scion in the Indutrade-family

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5 March 2021

On Thursday the 4th, Indutrade Benelux took over Efcon Water B.V. The company from Vianen develops, produces and installs complete measurement and sampling stations for wastewater and takes care of the integration of this equipment in wastewater facturing systems. Paul Verkroost started the company in 1993 and he will stay involved with the company with his expertise after the takeover.

Strong position
Efcon Water has a strong position in the Benelux and works together with specialized distributors in different European countries. The products are also used outside of the European borders. By becoming part of the international technical Indutrade company group, Efcon Water expects to grow even faster worldwide.

Self-developed technology
To fulfill the demand for strong and chemically resistant casing, Efcon Water introduced as the first in their sector a special production process for thermoplastic cases. Soon it became clear that this material was beneficial compared to conventional steel products. Besides qualitative cases the company developed different sampling techniques, electronica used worldwide and optional devices such as electromagnetic flow meters, wastewater pumps- and wells and water level sensors.

Current norms
The wastewater measurement systems from Efcon Water offer a guaranteed accuracy of 95% (NEN 6600) and a target accuracy of 98%. The sampling techniques (excluding the tubing pump) fulfill the current NEN 6600-1 norm. The samplers also fulfill the ISO 5667 and EN 16479 guidelines (Mcerts on Efconomy Vacuum sampler). In the guaranteeing of the ‘Effluent Control Systems’ the flow meter verification and data validation are included. The direction of Efcon Water was part of the NEN 6600 Norm commission wastewater sampling and is closely involved with the regulations in the field of wastewater flow measurement.

About Indutrade
Under the Indutrade Benelux Holding belong the Benelux established companies of the Swedish, listed, Indutrade AB. Indutrade focuses on high quality technologies for industrial niche applications. De affiliated companies bring technological components and systems on the market and take care of service activities.

Indutrade’s goal is to grow with companies where technical expertise, focus on the customer and a local infrastructure are central. The decentralized structure forms the heart of the company culture and strategy. By doing so the affiliated companies maintain their identity and autonomy. This freedom is the basis of the entrepreneurial spirit within the organisatie.

From within the Indutrade Benelux holding expertise is offered in the field of industrial know-how, finances, development and management. The subsidiaries benefit from each other from the benchmarking and the informal exchange of experiences.

Caption photo: From left to right. Robert Timmer (general director Indutrade Benelux), Paul Verkroost (former owner Efcon Water) with his wife Rosita Fase and Leo van Diemen (financial director Indutrade Benelux).

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