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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Packo has successfully demonstrated the advantages of the air handling pump type PRP for CIP return applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. A characteristic of this type of pump is its sanitary design.
Internal roughness values of 0,8 or 0,4 µm can be achieved with Packo’s trademark electro polished surface finish ensuring perfect cleanability as well as an increased resistance against corrosion. The air handling pump type PRP can be made fully drainable and can be supplied with all the requested certification necessary for the final validation of the system. Pumps on a trolley are also available.
Compared with a liquid ring pump, the Packo CIP return pumps offer following important advantages: standardisation of components — only the pump casing is different compared with the standard centrifugal pumps for pharmaceutical industries type PHP, meaning that both pumps are using the same impeller and the same seals, resulting in stock reduction; larger clearance between impeller and pump casing ensures no contact between these parts even after years of running; lower NPSH-value; higher efficiency allowing for a smaller motor providing power consumption savings; the pump can run against a closed valve without risk of damaging due to overpressure; it can be developed in accordance to the strictest pharmaceutical standards; possibility to tune the impeller diameter to match the required operating points; lower noise level; and lower price.

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