Butterfly valves for food and beverage industry

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InterApp has developed a range of blue liners for her Desponia® butterfly valves for the food industry, to provide additional hygiene and safety to its customers. The Desponia® butterfly valve meets the requirements of the food industry perfectly thanks to its wide variety of materials and combination possibilities. The blue color is becoming the preferred color for applications in food processing industries due to better visibility of potential contaminant parts. Remaining rubber residues are more visible in the process line, allowing for fast detection of contaminants.

Extensive configuration options for the food industry
The Desponia® butterfly valve can be equipped with a mirror polished stainless steel disc. This type of disc is the perfect choice for food applications, because of its non-stick non-adhesive properties. The Desponia® butterfly valves comply with the FDA and the EC 1935/2004 regulations for the food industry.

AVK Industrial Nederland partner of InterApp industrial valves
AVK Industrial Nederland is the official supplier of InterApp’s high-quality industrial valves and other technical solutions for the industrial segments in the Netherlands. The product program includes centric, double eccentric and triple eccentric butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, actuators and accessories. These valves are suitable for industrial applications such as water treatment, chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, oil and gas, steel and others. InterApp, with its headquarter in Switzerland, is part of the AVK Group.

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