Adding DNA marking to bunker oil for a cleaner environment

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9 June 2022
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With a portable dosing system with closed-loop control

Adding a unique DNA marker to bunker oil has several main reasons. From an environmental point of view, on the one hand, discharged oil can be traced directly to the ship from which it comes from, on the other hand, a shipping company can demonstrate that it is not responsible for environmental damage caused by illegal discharges at sea. Another step towards a cleaner environment!

Suurmond was approached by a company for a small stand-alone dosing system with a certain dosing accuracy, pressure monitoring and small touchscreen for the accurate and pulsation-free dosing of a low viscous liquid. In addition, the system had to be portable so that DNA can easily be added to oil on location during pumping from the bunker to the seagoing vessels.

Requirements for the system:
* Stable and pulsation-free dosing
* Continuous dosing
* Closed-loop-control, independent of dosing pressure
* With pressure monitoring
* Operation without power connection
* Handy solution

Flow rateup to 20ml per minute
Pressureup to 5 – 6 bar

For dosing, a micropump with drive and terminal box from HNPM was selected that is hermetically, magnetically sealed. This micropump is suitable for continuous and discrete dosing of 12 μl per revolution (rpm).

Pump specifications:
Flow rate 0.12 – 72ml/min
Viscosity 0.3 – 500 mPas
Differential pressure0-5 bar

To protect the pump, an inline filter made of stainless steel with interchangeable filter elements (mesh 10μm) from HNPM is installed.

The dosing system is built in a compact and sturdy flight case so that the dosing system is sufficiently protected during transport. A handy solution for those who have to travel the world with the dosing system!

The case is equipped with a simple operating system with touchscreen.

The HMI features the following standard functions:
1.Flow setpoint in ml/minute
2.Actual flow in ml/minute
4.Pump filling level
5.Alarm: high pressure
6.Alarm: no flow

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