Webinar: Increase your efficiency with Brady Smart RFID labels

icon.highlightedarticle.dark Management 19 March 2021

Brady Smart RFID labels enable industry 4.0 solutions that increase efficiency in identification and management of components, products, machinery and tools. Brady leverages all of its capabilities as a worldwide identification expert to deliver custom RFID solutions that solve your identification challenges. Join our webinar and find out what benefits work for you.

– Industry 4.0 and the role of RFID as an enabler
– What is RFID and how does it work?
– What can Brady offer you?

Speaker: Luk De Troyer, Brady Corporation

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Brady identifies and protects premises, products, and people with high performance labels, printers, software, safety and facility identification products, precision die-cut parts and Lockout/Tagout products. At Brady, committment to performance... Read more

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