Machine safety business from DIS-Sensors to Inrato International

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Starting on the 1st of February Inrato International has acquired the machine safety business from Dewit Industrial Sensors (DIS) in Soest (NL).
DIS has made a strategic decision to focus purely on their core-activities as development and production of sensors and controls. Mr. Leendert Jan IJspeert, previously working as product manager of machine safety at DIS, is in charge of the new company Inrato International.

The exclusive sales rights for Holland and Belgium of two safety products manufacturers are also acquired by Inrato. In het first place Smartscan as manufacturer of e.g. safety light curtains and safety relays and in the second place Gamma Systems as manufacturer of safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers.

‘The company change doesn’t affect the customers much’, according to Leendert Jan IJspeert. ‘Customers are used doing business with me and this contact will not change at all’.’ The biggest change for the customers is to change company name and phone numbers in their address book’.

According to the DIS sales director, mr. Pim Wieske, is IJspeert the right man for the job. “With his expertise and insight in the machine safety market he will be able to lift Inrato to a higher level and create possibilities for further expansion at the same time.

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