Knowledge for innovation available for enterprises in Zuid-Holland Innovation begins with knowledge and passion. As an entrepreneur it is important to have easy access to knowledge. Not everyone knows the world of universities and colleges, or knows the right student, undergraduate or graduate to find. Syntens and Kennisalliantie present a solution with the portal Kennisbruggen (see external link below). Knowledge for innovation is the platform for students, young professionals, knowledge institutions and SME entrepreneurs in Zuid-Holland for the promotion of innovation. Students graduate on innovation within an innovative company. Find the appropriate knowledge for your company Syntens provides the right match. All colleges and universities in Noord-Holland are participating in the project. Knowledge is directly linked to businesses with the higher aim to stimulate innovation in the province Zuid-Holland. As an individual entrepreneur who participates in Kennisbruggen you benefit directly. SMEs are the engine of innovation and the economy. We help you build the bridge to knowledge for you to innovate by the newly acquired knowledge. Apply on line or contact You can register directly through the portal (external link). Do you prefer personal contact or learn more about Kennisbruggen? Call or mail Jolanda Gemeren.