Pneumatic valves are valves that are operated with a pneumatic actuator. An actuator is no more than a device that turns 90, 180 or 270 degrees under air pressure to close or open the valve. We provide our pneumatic valves in many types and sizes. 2-way valves, 3-way valves, valves with a flange connection, weld connection of with screw-thread. With our ball valves, you can even choose between having them in 2 or 3 parts. Specifications: Pressure: up to about 500 bars Measurements: up to about DN1400 Materials: stainless steel, messing, ASTM, carbon steel, PVC and many more The pneumatic valves of OpenSupply can be provided in almost any material. For instance, stainless steel, messing, ASTM or carbon steel. Our pneumatic actuators are usually made from an aluminum alloy, ASTM6005. This is a hard anodized alloy that makes the casing wear-proof and offers good protection against corrosion. There are 2 categories of pneumatic valves: direct action (air open/air closed) or spring return (air open/spring tension closed). Our pneumatic valves can be equipped with limit switches, hand grips, positioners, sprocket casings and Namur adapters. Many of our valves can be provided with quality marks/certificates, like Atex II2, AP1607 or NACE MR-0175. Our pneumatic valves include ball valves, wafers, valve seals, butterfly valves or slide valves. We also supply appendages like filters, check valves, condensation tanks, tubing, compensators, floats and fittings. Do you prefer a manual or differently automated valve? Then check our manual valves or electric valves. When it comes to safety, OpenSupply has a lot to offer as well. Our and your valves can be equipped with a Valve Interlock System. Contact us today for more information via the OpenSupply website.

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