Your solution for a restraint connection of HDPE pipes. This high-quality coupling provides a tensile / axial restraint connection especially for plastic pipes. The flat rows of grips engage into the pipe surface without damaging the plastic material. This new Repico® Grip Plast coupling allows pipe section replacement and is suitable for high pressure. • Available in DN32-200 (DN250-400 in development) • Easy installation by use of a torque wrench • Limited space required for installation due to compact design • Pressure range up to 16 bar • Progressive sealing and anchoring • Main components of stainless steel 316 • Green PTFE coated bolts • Light weight, appr. 30% in comparison with flanged connections • 60% noise reduction compared to rigid connections Repico® pipe and repair couplings Are you looking for a fast and reliable connection between pipes? Or do you have a leakage? With the Repico® stainless steel coupling you can quickly and easily create a tensile or flexible connection between two pipes. In case of a leak, apply the Repico® Repair coupling, by just tightening a few hexagon socket bolts. The Repico® guarantees a proper sealing around the pipe in just a few minutes! Depending on the application, we can supply the Repico® with different rubber materials: EPDM, NBR, Silicone and FKM. The Repico® products can be used in the markets: industry, shipbuilding, gas, sewage, water and fire protection.