Electrical Heat Tracing made by eltherm is employed to maintain exact temperatures when transporting temperature-sensitive chemicals in Tank Containers, SWAP Containers, Road Tankers and IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers). Temperature maintenance is required for substances such as MDI, highly viscous industry materials, oils, resins, fat, coatings, bitumen, adhesives, foods and casting compounds. Control Accuracy for Precise Temperatures A special assembly technique on Tank Containers developed by eltherm engineers plus reliable monitoring and control ensures uniform temperature accuracy across the entire tank surface. It is resistant to vibration impact and thus designed for reliable operation. Apart from the Tank Container itself, the system takes account of outlets, riser pies, including insulating sleeves for valves and ball taps. Technical eltherm advantages - Solutions for all sensitive temperatures during transport, storage, loading and unloading at +/- 1 °C. - Standard performance to 18 kW, more electrical performance possible. - Maintenance temperatures with PTFE Trace Heaters up to 210 °C, with MI Trace Heaters up to 300 °C. - PTFE Trace Heaters resistant to cargo load temperatures up to 260 °C. - Exact temperature maintenance during storage and transport. - Designed for voltage supply from 220 V to 500 V for global fleet operations..