Dental chair manufacturers are being asked by dentists to reduce the size of the dental console, squeezing the same or more functionality into a smaller footprint. Dentists and dental hygienists are extremely reliant on their tool console in order to safely and efficiently treat their patients. The dental console, which is often found immediately adjacent to the patient chair, is a dentist’ all-in-one workstation containing the tools they use. These include: •Pneumatic rotating tool with interchangeable tool heads for brushing, polishing,cutting etc •Water Spray tool used for wetting and cleaning the teeth •Air Spray tool needed for drying the teeth and blowing away debris •Vacuum suction tool used to remove debris and liquid waste Due to the small footprint within the dental office, it is important that the console is compact, yet still has to meet the demanding fluid control requirements faced by dental professionals. This is why dental OEM manufacturers are so desperate to find all-in-one solutions. Product solution Emerson’s new, customizable dental manifold block, offers the ability to mate with many different ASCO valves providing a compact solution. Paired with liquid isolation or proportional gas and general service valves, the market-proven dental manifold block provides OEM’s with the all-in-one solution they are seeking. As standard, it can accommodate up to 3 valves, which can provide liquid, gas and proportional pneumatic control. Additionally, the manifold block is expandable, enabling up to 4 manifold blocks to be joined together. This gives the console the capability to accommodate up to 12 valves. This customizable solution allows dental manufacturers a significant range of options to accommodate the diversity of tools required by dentists. Emerson are leaders in the supply of micro fluidic valves used in dental and medical applications. Working closely with the OEM designers they use rapid prototyping techniques to develop customised solutions or modify standard products to meet specific needs. Come and join us at the Compamed Medica exhibition, from 13th to 16th November 2017 in Düsseldorf (Germany) Hall 8b G05. To buy your ticket, please go to the Compamed 2017 ticket shop.