A few of the major news are: # Geometry sketching: Version 5.5 include new sketching tools for easier modeling of planar drawings in 2D models and 3D work planes. The Design Module provides additional drawing tools for assigning dimensions and constraints to geometry sketches. # Introducing two modules: the Porous Media Flow Module and the Metal Processing Module further expand the product suite`s multiphysics modeling power. # Efficient Distribution of Standalone Applications: It is much more efficient to distribute simulation applications, thanks to a new option in Comsol compiler™, which creates minimal file size standalone applications. Application file sizes can be as small as just a few MB. # News in add-on modules: Notable news include improved shape and topology optimization, nonlinear shells, random vibration, fast linear elastic wave simulations, and combined full wave and ray optics analysis. Highlights in Version 5.5 - New sketching tool with dimensions and constraints - Fast linear elastic wave simulations - New Metal Processing Module for welding, heat treatment, and metal additive manufacturing - New Porous Media Flow Module for food, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries - Improved tools for shape and topology optimization for mechanical, acoustics, electromagnetics, heat, fluid, and chemical analysis - Import and export of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing formats PLY and 3MF - Editing tools for repair of STL, PLY, and 3MF files - Structural analysis of nonlinear shells, pipe mechanics, random vibration, and chain drives - Compressible Euler flow and nonisothermal large eddy simulation (LES) - Rotating machinery with level set, phase field, Euler–Euler, and bubbly flow - Lumped thermal system equivalent circuits - Multiple spectral bands for radiation in participating media - More efficient open boundary condition for convective heat transfer - Use of thermodynamic database properties in any simulation type - Combined full wave and ray optics simulations - Piezoelectric and dielectric shells - New PCB ports for vias and transmission lines - Link images to Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations - Create your own add-ins for customizing the Model Builder workflow - Minimal file size standalone applications with Comsol compiler™

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