With a few constructive modifications, we are able to provide you with chill rolls on the basis of our Alveotubes. These aluminum profiles are equipped with special extensions on which a single or double rotating coupling can be mounted. Our chill rolls based on Alveotubes can be used in 2 ways: a. Single The cooling medium flows through all Alveos from left to right. In this case, 2 single rotating couplings are used. In terms of construction, this is the simplest way. b. Double The cooling fluid moves back and forth through the Alveos. In this case, a double rotating coupling is used. It is important to determine whether the syphon pipe moves with the Alveo chill roll or stands still. The advantage of using an Alveotube as a chill roll is, of course, the weight and the excellent heat exchange through the thin walls, and the warmth coefficient Aluminum. When the Alveotube 3RC aluminum chill roll is completely filled, it still has a very low resistance. We recommend using our Alveotube chill walls up to a temperature of about 90 degrees Centigrade with a low sheet tension. For other specifications, we are happy to provide our steel chill rolls. The Alveotube 3RC aluminum chill roll is available in the following diameters: 120, 145, 200 and 230 mm. Contact us today via the OpenSupply website for more information.

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